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One of the best resources on the web for accessibilty issues

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Housing,Title III, etc
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One of the best resources on the web for mobility issues

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Transport, etc
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Discover important links for rehab consulting

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Small group, etc
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Discover important links for community resources

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Accessibilty, etc




about  Rebility.org

If you are seeking to live a better, more fulfilled life, Rebility.org has many resources to assist you in achieving these worthwhile goals.  Contract us today to find what we can do for you!


Fully secure

Our systems are designed with top security features that produce a safe environment from your desktop or any mobile device. Your security is our top priority.

Responsible Charity

Our sincere goal is to provide as much value to our clients, as we have
resources to do so. We try very hard to stretch each dollar.

Customer Service

Whether you are a client, potential client or simply a supporter of Rebility,
you will find a friendly and helpful volunteer to assist. Contact us today!

Complete Client Assistance

Much of the time, we can assist our clients with exactly what they need. If
not, we refer clients to other qualified programs..so their needs are met.

501(c)3 Status

Our organization has obtained federal tax status as a 501(c)3 charity. As
such, your generous gift is eligible as being tax deductible.

Full Client Support

We remain steadfast in supporting our clients so they receive exactly the
services they need. We encourage everyone to fill out an application today!

Protected Privacy

We will never sell or share (or otherwise) your information to any 3rd party
(or anyone else, for that matter)! Please visit our site with confidence.

Supporting Our Community

Rebility is absolutely dedicated to helping as many individuals with
disabilities as possible...and this remains an integral part of our mission.

learning to live a better life...no limits!


Stephen Hawking

Meet the Team!

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision at all times.

More than a bunch of pretty faces, our team is committed to working together in assisting our clients. Our charitable philosophy will always be you first, ALWAYS. We're an organization that truly cares and supports the needs of individuals with disabilities. We are actual people (and many with disabilities themselves) who know the challenges of the disabled and how best to help with your special need. We are really concerned about you...just click the button to learn more about us!


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We're not the only ones excited about our new website!

Learn what our customer have to say

What our Supporters say!

Great mission...thanks for all you do for the disabled!

image01Chuck B. | Supervisor - MB Tool

Something else our Supporters say!

Can't explain the help you gave my cousin. Thanks again!

image01M. Anderson | Teller - Local Bank

Another comment from our Supporters.

Always impressed what you are doing for the disabled in our community. Nice site.

image01Julie W. | Social Worker

Kind words, kind people!

Have many disabled friends...and I send them all to Rebility.

image01Henrietta | Self employed - Burton Consulting